Monday, August 29, 2016

Pre-Pro Photographer Sneak Peak Photos

We have many more high quality calves available. We only snapped a few pictures to give you a small sample of the extremely high quality set we have put together. 

Sale is October 3rd. Hosted by CW. 
Calves available for viewing NOW

Rodger That - State Fair fat steer prospect. He is a truck!

MAB - Division 1 State Fair prospect. Born under 65#, This guy had a lot of catching up 
to do when you compare him to the 90# monsters. He  is massive!

Slider Steer - Easily the most stylish steer you will come across in your travels.

Comfort Zone Steer - One of the top Maine steers in Western Iowa 

Rodger That Heifer - Breeding heifer shoppers... Take note here!

BIM Heifer - GROUND SOW... Period!

BIM Heifer - Elegant and powerful, 

BIM Steer - Extremely attractive, well balanced. this guy is a sleeper

I80 Heifer - Market Heifer deluxe.

Incognito Heifer - Raymond Gonnet said in his spring farm tour
"That bull is a cow changer, and that heifer will play ball in the commercial heifer class"

Monopoly Heifer - Freak necked and extremely stylish

All the blonds, peaches, smokes... They all still gotta beat a black one!