Friday, September 16, 2016

Official Sale Pictures
Hosted by CW Cattle Sales
Tag 93: Rodger That x  Hired Man / WMW

Tag 92: BIM x Sim/Ang

Tag 88: Incognito x Sim/Ang

Tag 85: MAB x HardCore/Payback

Tag 80: Slider X MAB/Sim

Tag 83: Monopoly x Sim/Ang

Tag 94: Comfort Zone x Heat Wave

Tag 90: BIM Sim/Ang

Tag 95: MAB Maine/Ang


Tag 98: I80 x BIM

Tag 87: BIM x Sim/Ang

Tag 99: Unstoppable x Hired Man/ Sim

Tag 91: Monopoly x Sim/Ang

Tag 76: Incognito x Totally Tuned /Sooner

Tag 97: Rodger That x Eye Candy